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The Kravis Leadership Institute is in the process of strategically evaluating our activities, resources, and future direction. The Leadership Review is one of the activities under evaluation. As a result, we will produce a Spring 2011 issue for which submissions have been received. Our intention is to suspend future Leadership Review publications; therefore, we are not accepting submissions at this time. Thank you for your interest.


Kevin Arnold, M.S.E.S., M.Ed.
Director of Admission, The Robert Day School of Economics and Finance, Claremont McKenna College. West Point graduate and retired Army Officer (LTC). Primary interest is application of leadership theory to higher education.

Barbara H. Ascher, M.A.
Editor Emeritus, Leadership Review
Former President, Smooth Transitions, Inc.
Specialization in Psychiatric Assessment, Communication, and Leadership Styles.
Co-author, with William Ascher, of Revitalizing Political Psychology: The Legacy of Harold D. Lasswell.

Jay Conger, D.B.A.
Holds the Henry R. Kravis Research Chair in Leadership Studies at Claremont McKenna College.
Recent books include The Practice of Leadership, edited with Ronald Riggio, as well as Growing Your Company's Leaders: How Organizations Use Succession Management to Sustain Competitive Advantage with R.M. Fulmer.
In recognition of his research and teaching, Business Week named him fifth on its list of the world's top ten management educators.

Thomas Ehrlich, Ph.D.
Senior Scholar, Carnegie Foundation
Former President of Indiana University
Recent books include Reconnecting Education and Foundations: Turning Good Intentions into Educational Capital; Higher Education: Civic Mission & Civic Effects; and Educating Citizens: Preparing America's Undergraduates for Lives of Moral and Civic Responsibility.

Maggie Fromm, B.A.
Program Manager, International Leadership Association
Ms. Fromm graduated magna cum laude from Claremont McKenna College in 2006.
She was a research fellow for the Kravis Leadership Institute and served as editorial assistant for Leadership Review.

John Jacob Gardiner, Ph.D.
Professor of Leadership, Seattle University
He has served on the Board of the International Leadership Association (ILA) and on the Board of its founding association, the Center for the Advanced Study of Leadership at the University of Maryland in College Park.
Research interests focus on leadership, governance, renewal, and emerging organizational forms.

Richard L. Hughes, Ph.D.
Center for Creative Leadership
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Among the major texts in leadership studies is his Leadership: Enhancing The Lessons Of Experience (with Robert C. Ginnett and Gordon J. Curphy) and Becoming A Strategic Leader: Your Role In Your Organization's Enduring Success.

Jeffrey S. Klein, LL.D
Chairman of the Board, 1105 Media
Trained as both a lawyer and a journalist, Klein has more than 20 years experience operating newspaper, television, magazine, and internet businesses. In 2006, he was named to the Folio Forty, the list of the 40 most influential people in the magazine industry.

Jean Lipman-Blumen, Ph.D.
Professor of Public Policy and Organizational Behavior, The Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management, Claremont Graduate University. Among her most well-known publications are The Allure of Toxic Leaders: Why We Follow Destructive Bosses and Corrupt Politicians--and How We Can Survive Them; The Connective Edge; and Hot Groups: Seeding Them, Feeding Them, and Using Them to Ignite Your Organization (with Harold J. Leavitt).

Susan E. Murphy, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Kravis Leadership Institute, Claremont McKenna College
Dr. Murphy has published broadly in the areas of self-efficacy, mentoring, and the quality of leader-member exchange. Her most recent book, co-authored with Ellen E. Ensher, is Power Mentoring: How Successful Mentors and Protégés Get the Most Out of Their Relationships. She also co-edited Multiple Intelligences and Leadership with Ronald E. Riggio and Francis J. Pirozzolo.

Craig L. Pearce, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Management
The Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management, Claremont Graduate University
Dr. Pearce's areas of academic expertise include leadership, teamwork and change management. He has won several awards for his research and has also worked as an international management consultant. His new book, Shared Leadership: Reframing the Hows and Whys of Leadership, co-edited with Jay A. Conger, is published by Sage.

Odir Pereira, M.S.
Mr. Pereira is the founder and president of the Leadership Institute of Brazil (Instituto de Lideranca do Brasil or ILB). He has had broad experience internationally as an author, speaker, and consultant, as well as serving as CEO of several large Brazilian corporations. He is interested in leadership development in the governmental, private, and social sectors.

Barry Z. Posner, Ph.D.
Dean of the Leavey School of Business and Professor of Leadership
Among his most well known publications are The Leadership Challenge (with James M. Kouzes) and the Leadership Practices Inventory.

Rebecca J. Reichard, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology, Kravis Leadership Institute, Claremont McKenna College.
Dr. Reichard is a graduate of University of Nebraska's Gallup Leadership Institute doctoral program specializing in the study of leadership, organizational behavior, industrial/organizational psychology, and research methods. Her research interests include demonstrating the empirical impact of leadership, the impact of international experiences on development of global leadership mindset, longitudinal evaluation of undergraduate leadership education, the interactive process of leader-follower emotional exchange, and leadership and crisis.

Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.D.
Director, Kravis Leadership Institute and Professor of Organizational Psychology
Recently elected President of the Western Psychological Association, a three-year term.
His most recent books are Transformational Leadership (co-authored with Bernard M. Bass; Lawrence Erlbaum Associates) and The Practice of Leadership: Developing the Next Generation of Leaders (co-edited with CMC professor Jay Conger; Jossey-Bass). Other major publications include Introduction to Industrial/Organization Psychology and Multiple Intelligences and Leadership(co-edited with Susan E. Murphy).
Former editor of The Journal of Nonverbal Behavior

Michael Shambon
Michael Shambon graduated from CMC in 2009 with a B.A. in Economics and is currently an analyst at Citigroup in New York. He is interested in both business leadership and political psychology.

Bonnie Snortum
Director, The Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum, Claremont McKenna College. Mrs. Snortum plans and facilitates the daily speakers’ program that provides an extracurricular and intimate forum for intellectual discourse among students, faculty, and the community.

Georgia J. Sorenson, Ph.D.
Research Professor and Founder, the James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership at the University of Maryland.
She is co-editor (with Al Goethals) of the Encyclopedia of Leadership and her most recent book, The Quest for a General Theory of Leadership (with Goethals) is published by Edward Elgar.

Adele Bergstrom Vuong, B.A.
Adele B. Vuong, CMC ’05, is Business Manager and Budget Administrator for the Claremont University Consortium. She was previously a Senior Associate, Audit Services, at McGladrey & Pullen, LLP. Vuong is a former Leadership Review editorial assistant and frequent contributor to CMC magazine. She is interested in leadership in accounting and organizational psychology.

Weichun Zhu, Ph.D.
Weichun Zhu is Assistant Professor of Management and Organization in the School of Graduate Professional Studies at Great Valley, Pennsylvania State University.
His areas of research interest include transformational/charismatic leadership, crisis leadership, ethical decision-making, and leadership and management issues in Asia.

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